1953 Iranian coup d'état. 
  1963 South Vietnamese coup  
  1973 coup in Chile. 
  1992 Los Angeles riots. 
  9/11 or September 11 terrorist attacks. 
  American Airlines Flight 77 
  American Revolution 
  Apollo moon landing hoax accusations 
  Armenian Genocide 
  Aryan invasion theory 
  Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki 
  Battle of Cuito Cuanavale 
  Berlin Wall 
  Black Power 
  Bloody Sunday (1972) 
  Bosnia and Herzegovina - 1992-1995 war. 
  Bromberg Bloody Sunday 
  causes and effects of World War I. 
  causes and effects of World War II. 
  Centre Party Germany 
  Chicano nationalism - also see Mexican American. 
  Cold War era - i.e. Cuban missile crisis 
  Communism - histories of communist regimes. 
  Confederate States of America 
  Constitutional law 
  Crusades into the holy land 
  Cyprus dispute 
  D-Day 1944 allied invasion of France. 
  East Germany (German Democratic Republic 1949-90) 
  Falkland Islands 
  French Revolution 
  Great Depression 
  Green Revolution 
  Iran hostage crisis 
  Ireland history since 1850s Irish Potato Famine 
  Irredentism in Italy, China, Mexico and elsewhere. 
  Japanese American internment during World War II. 
  Jesus Christ  
  Jews in Ukraine and Poland, Polish antisemitism 
  Jim Crow laws or racial segregation 
  Kennedy assassinations of 1963 and 1968. 
  Korean War 
  Kosovo War 
  Kurdish genocide 
  Kuril Islands 
  Libyan civil war 
  Louisiana Purchase of 1803 
  Majestic 12 
  Marijuana - illegalization of the drug. 
  Mexican-American War 
  Middle Ages 
  Native Americans in the United States 
  Nordic race theories of global domination  
  Numerous episodes of Poland-Russia relations 
  Numerous episodes of Poland-Ukraine relations 
  Numerous episodes of Russia-Ukraine relations 
  Okinawa - U.S. rule 1945-1972. 
  Operation Wetback  
  Other Losses 
  Panama Canal, US rule in Canal Zone 1903-1979. 
  Philippines under US rule 1898-1946. 
  Politics of Egypt from 2013 onward 
  Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust 
  Prohibition in the US 1919-33. 
  Puerto Rico - annexation of the island by the U.S. 
  Quebec sovereignty movement 
  Rape during the occupation of Germany 
  Roswell UFO incident 
  Soviet republics 
  Soviet Russia 
  Soviet Union or the USSR. 
  Soviet war crimes 
  Spanish Civil War 
  Spanish Inquisition 
  Spanish-American War 
  Stem cell research 
  Texas Revolution of 1836, battle of the Alamo 
  The Great Purge 
  The Rape of Nanking (book). 
  Tiananmen Square protests of 1989. 
  Trail of Tears 
  TWA Flight 800 
  U.S. Civil War 
  U.S. Latinos or Hispanics. 
  U.S. War of 1812 
  Unidentified flying objects or UFOs 
  United States presidential election 
  United States presidential election, 2000 
  Vietnam War 
  Warsaw Pact 
  Watergate scandal 
  White supremacy 
  Women's rights and feminism 

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