American Family Association 
  Answers in Genesis (AiG) 
  Anti-Muslim violence in India 
  Apollo Quiboloy 
  Baptist churches  
  Biblical literalism 
  Book of Enoch 
  Christian Coalition 
  Christian right, also known as the religious right 
  Christian Science 
  Conservative Judaism 
  Divorce - religious opposition to 
  Dorje Shugden 
  Dorje Shugden controversy 
  Eastern Orthodoxy 
  Falun Gong 
  Feminism and religion. 
  Gay Marriage - opposition of 
  Gnosticism and the New Testament 
  Gospel for Asia (more critical than descriptive) 
  Guru (structure and criticism) 
  Hare Krishna 
  Hate group (new religious movements) 
  Historicity of Jesus 
  Homosexuality and religion. 
  Iglesia ni Cristo 
  Imperium (Warhammer 40,000) 
  Jehovah's Witnesses 
  Jesus Freaks 
  Judas Iscariot 
  Kashrut and Kosher 
  Ku Klux Klan - radical hate group. 
  Last Supper of Jesus 
  Makkah/Mecca ('Offensive' spelling). 
  Menachem Mendel Schneerson 
  Mennonites - most notably the old order Amish. 
  Neocatechumenal Way 
  New Age 
  New Kadampa Tradition 
  Nondenominational churches. 
  Ole Nydahl and Diamond Way Buddhism 
  Opus Dei 
  Paganism - various sects 
  Paul and Gnosticism 
  Politics and religion. 
  Prem Rawat and Divine Light Mission 
  Project Chanology 
  Protestant Reformation 
  Reincarnation research 
  Religion and sexuality and various related topics. 
  Role of women in religion, Religious feminism 
  Sathya Sai Baba - Dispute amount of space devote 
  Separation of church and state 
  Seventh-day Adventist Church 
  Soka Gakkai 
  Temple Mount and related topics 
  U.S. Republican Party & religious right 
  United Submitters International 
  Universal Life Church 
  Westboro Baptist Church 

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