AIDS denialism 
  Albert Einstein 
  Allergy - causes of. 
  Allopathic medicine 
  Alternative medicine and closely related issues 
  Alzheimer's disease 
  Answers in Genesis (AiG) 
  Aspartame controversy 
  Asperger's syndrome and Autism 
  Assisted suicide 
  Astrology as a science"""" 
  Bates method 
  Biology and sexual orientation 
  Birth defect 
  Black hole information paradox 
  Blood transfusions 
  Caesarean section 
  Cancer cures 
  Cochlear implant 
  Cold fusion 
  Conjoined twins 
  Creation science 
  Depleted uranium 
  Ebola virus 
  Electrical sensitivity 
  Extraterrestrial Life 
  Family planning 
  Female genital mutilation 
  Flat Earth Society 
  Gender differences 
  Genetic engineering 
  Genetically modified foods (or GM food(s)) 
  Gypsies as a race. 
  Heritability of IQ 
  High Fructose Corn Syrup 
  HIV - virus that causes AIDS. 
  HMO - US health care coverage. 
  Hodgkin's Disease 
  Human cloning 
  Human evolution 
  Human longevity 
  Huntington's disease 
  Influenza strains like the H5N1 virus or bird flu 
  Institute for Creation Research 
  Intelligent design 
  IQ and the Wealth of Nations 
  Jewish people as a race""."" 
  Kombucha Tea 
  Lactose intolerance as a genetic inherited trait 
  Life extension 
  Master race 
  Medical torture 
  Mental disorder 
  Mental retardation 
  Michio Kaku 
  Mind control 
  MS and treatments for it e.g. CCSVI or [1] 
  Mucoid plaque 
  Nikola Tesla 
  Organ donor and transplants 
  Paternity testing 
  Pharmaceutical industry in the USA 
  Pluto demoted as a planet 
  Poppers (the use of alkyl nitrites as a drug) 
  Premature birth 
  Prenatal care 
  Race and intelligence 
  Race and science. 
  Recapitulation theory 
  Rh blood group system (RH negative Blood type) 
  Sex differences in intelligence 
  Sex differences in psychology 
  Sexually transmitted diseases 
  Smoking and tobacco 
  Smoking bans 
  Sperm donor and Egg donor 
  Stem cell research 
  Surrogate mother - child custody battles 
  Tay-Sachs disease 
  Test-tube babies 
  Therapeutic touch 
  Transgender, Transsexual, and BIID persons 
  Twin paradox 
  Universe - such as the Big Bang theory 
  Veganism and Vegetarianism 
  Warburg hypothesis 
  Woman's Issues and female health issues  

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