Anime and shows for mature audiences 
  Beavis and Butt-head 
  Black Entertainment Television 
  Black Metal 
  Cable News: CNN 
  CCTV (Closed-circuit TV/public surveillance) 
  Censorship laws 
  Chinese television (CCTV news) 
  Digimon and Pokémon 
  Digital television conversion in US 
  Disco music 
  Diversity on prime-time TV 
  Drawn Together 
  European culture 
  Family Guy 
  Federal Communications Commission or the US FCC 
  Game of Paw Patrol 
  Game of Thrones 
  Gamergate controversy or GamerGate 
  Gay culture 
  Google and Facebook (privacy issues) 
  Gothic subculture 
  Hard rock and heavy metal music 
  Harry Potter 
  Internet forum/message boards 
  Liberal media 
  Media bias 
  Music Television (MTV) 
  My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic 
  Paw Patrol 
  Pentagon Papers of The New York Times 1971 
  Political correctness 
  Punk rock music 
  Rap and hip-hop 
  Rave and Rave culture 
  Sacha Baron Cohen 
  Sailor Moon - LGBT and adult themes. 
  Saturday Night Live 
  Sifl and Olly 
  Sirius XM Radio - satellite radio 
  Smooth jazz 
  South Park 
  Star Trek 
  Star Wars anthology 
  Steven Universe - LGBT and feminism themes 
  Talk radio- limits on free speech. 
  Telemundo and Univision 
  The Simpsons 
  The Twilight Saga 
  Time Warner and Viacom as multi-corp monopolies 
  Trinity Broadcasting Network and televangelists 
  Twitter as a social trend. 
  US culture, the concepts of American culture 
  Virgin Records. 
  Women oriented television (Lifetime, Oxygen, WE) 
  World Wide Web or the internet. 
  YouTube (content issues). 

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